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Most skip bin hire is straight forward. You need a bin? Great. Have it delivered by a company you trust and that’s that.

Simple yes, but there’s a bit more info you should arm yourself with.

Remember your quote will only be as good as the details provided by you. Leaving things out is not conducive to a good experience for any involved.

Do you have other info you need to advise?

Make things easier on yourself by getting the down-low upfront.

What are Extra Charges?

Additional costs can be implemented as a result of a few things. Here’s a brief guide.

Keep in mind if you are yet to decide on a skip bin hire company, a supplier worth their salt should advise all the pricing elements for you, without question.

  • Over Weight

Extra weight charges can apply where the weight of the waste material exceeds the prescribed measure for the specific bin type.

  • Location Access

Additional costs may be applied if location and placement is out of area or problematic.

If your location is remote or based on land that is difficult to access it may be worth looking at alternatives.

  • Permits Required

Some states and local councils require a permit for skips to be used and placed. Make certain you are up on all the permits required, or ask your Skip Bin Hire supplier for some advice.

They will be sure to tell you what requirements need to be met for your area.

  • Tipping Fees

Extra charges may apply if the type or amount of waste needs to be specially tipped. Fees apply for the handling in such cases as well.

  • Excess Retrieval Costs

Ensure you have your dates right for collection. Costs can add up if your supplier has to return at another time if your skip is not ready to go.

  • Prohibited or Hazardous Waste

Disposal of particular material which requires specialist handling and disposal can be expensive. Usually, specially trained people are required.

Its best to ask your supplier before the skip is delivered so all your bases are covered.

Safety is paramount for the collectors. Any surprises in material type will lead to inevitable issues.

All additional costs will be fair and reasonable, and based on initial discussions. Remember you should know about all costs up front when you are dealing with a reputable supplier.

Terms and Conditions

Whether or not we choose to skip over any terms and conditions, it is up to us as individuals to understand them.

Extra pricing for items described above can end up costing you unnecessarily.

Busting your budget is a serious thing. Think of like undoing your belt after Christmas lunch except there’s no sense of satisfaction or contentment.

This is not fine-print. It’s a conscious effort by your supplier to advise you of everything you might need to know.

Pricing Clarity

Pricing for professional services can be a contentious issue.

The best supplier will offer complete transparency with up front pricing and additional costs fully explained.

For long term users or as a one-off, skip bin hire can really be cost effective.

If you need to spread the costs why not pay later. Zip pay with us.  We have the world’s first skip bin
payment plan. Just ask how.


Give it some thought and make a list of questions to ask, if you don’t trust your memory.

Knowing all costs along with any possible additional make for a level playing field for everyone. Specific customised quoting, and all charges made clear will have you smiling at the end of the job.


Questions? We are here to help contact us today for a quote. While you’re at it, check out our FAQ page.

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