Best Practice for Loading Your Skip Bin to Maximize Space and Minimize Cost.

Fawad Hussain

  1. Start by loading the heaviest and bulkiest items first. This will help to create a solid base for the bin and make it easier to stack the lighter items.

  1. Break down any items that can be broken down. This will help to maximize the space in the skip bin and reduce the overall cost.

  1. Use the entire skip bin and fill it as best you can. Stack items neatly and avoid over-filling the bin as this could result in additional fees.

  1. Place lighter items on top of heavier items. This will help to ensure that nothing is crushed and also make it easier to access the items at the bottom when the skip bin is collected.

  1. Do not exceed the weight limit of the skip bin. This will result in additional costs and can be dangerous when transporting the bin.

  1. Ensure that all items are securely fastened in the bin. This will help to prevent any items from falling out during transportation.

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